The Woman with the Purple Teeth

A fantastic friend of mine wrote this. It’s damn good stuff

The Reinvention of Me.

I used to drink. I used to drink a lot and for a period of 10 years I used to drink alone. It filled a void, replaced friends, family and took me away to an island of make believe.  On my island I was a rock, always in control, always popular and never without a witty to thing to say.  I had long comforting conversations with myself where I was my own hero, I faced down and reprimanded people from my past who had harmed me and then banished them from my world. On my island I was everything I was not in real life.

My island had continuous sunny skies and soft spaces, it enveloped me in it’s arms and rocked me when I cried.  It insulated me from dark thoughts, negative voices and it became a refuge from my own self loathing and from a world and siblings…

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